Name of the Present Post Held by the Officer Name of the Officer Phone No. & E-mail Ids
Central Office
Chairperson Prof. Veena Pandita 0191-2582704 (Jmu)
0194-2494948 (Sgr)
Secretary, JKBOSE Ms. Manisha Sarin, KAS, 0191-2583601 (Jmu)
0194-2494264 (Sgr)
Director (Academics) Dr. Farooq Ahmad Peer 0191-2585480/2952817
0194-2494522 (Sgr)
Joint Secretary, Publications and Information Technology. Prof. Abdul Wahid Maqdhoomi 0191-2952449 (Jmu)
0194-2491280 (Sgr.)
Jammu Division
Joint Secretary, Secrecy, Estates, Legal, Audit, Certificates, Record Sections JD and PIO J.D Dr. Sudhir Singh 00191-2581502/2952366(Fax)
Joint Secretary,Examinations, Administration,Registration, Accounts Forms and ETTC(Acad/Exams) Section JD. Mr. Altaf Hussain 0191-2582240
Joint Secretary-General, Verification Mr. Altaf Hussain 0191-2585732/2953721
Information Cell JD 0191-5953195
Kashmir Division
Joint Secretary, Administration, Secrecy and Legal KD Prof. Abdul Wahid Maqdhoomi 0194-2491688
Joint Secretary, General, Registration, Audit, Accounts, Verification and PIO KD Prof. Aijaz Ahmad Hakak 0194-2491181
Joint Secretary, Examinations, Estates, Certificates, ETTC, Record and Forms Sections KD Prof. Aijaz Ahmad Hakak 0194-2494965
Deputy Secretary , Assistant Public Information Officer Central Unit
Information Cell KD 0194-2495310
Contact Nos. For Examination Related Grievances
Jammu Division
Joint Secretary, Examination 0191-2582240,2952639
Assistant Secretary, Examination-I (Class 10th) 7889959147
Assistant Secretary, Examination-II (Class 11th) 6005176834
Assistant Secretary, Examination-III (Class 12th) 6006210804
Assistant Secretary, Registration (RR) 9419124221
Assistant Secretary, Certificates 9596929363
Kashmir Division
Joint Secretary, Examination 0194-2494965
Assistant Secretary, Examination-I (Class 10th) 0194-2310521( 9541318270)
Assistant Secretary, Examination-II (Class 11th) 0194-2310521 (9541318270)
Assistant Secretary, Examination-III (Class 12th) 0194-2310521 (9541318270)
Assistant Secretary, Registration (RR) 7780858354